Client: 2K

Year: 2009

The game tells the story of the painter Axel and his dog Pixel as they embark on a fantastic journey through a surreal and dangerous dream world. An evil rat holds back a key - before winter returns and freezes everything Axel and Pixel have to get it back.

The player helps to catch the rat and passes amazing landscapes of all four seasons.
On the way Axel, the painter, makes sketches and collects new colours for his palette. He lives to paint and has one big dream - create a painting that unites all four seasons on a single canvas. The more precisely all levels are discovered the better his painting gets.

Enteron created all graphics and animations and co-developed the game design as a part of the development team Silver Wish Games. You can see further pictures of the game in section Projects>Artworks>Character Design.

Available on PC, on Xbox LIVE Arcade and on Steam.